Fearless Members


To see if you might be a good fit, read our club bylaws and commitment to mondioring. Once you have done that, you will submit a 'statement of intent' to our club secretary (an email to info@fearlessringsport.com is an excellent way to do this!)

For more information, read our membership FAQ here.


Dr. Kimberly Somjen, President

Kim (she/her) is a small animal veterinarian in central NJ that has been practicing for 15 years, and spends much of her current time focusing on canine physical rehabilitation and acupuncture. She has been training and competing with her dogs for over 20 years in AKC obedience and rally, APDT/WCRL rally and CDSP obedience, and in addition has titled her dogs in Nosework and Herding (AKC and AHBA). Kim currently has five dogs:

  • Bowie's Here Comes the Boom! UD BN RN TKP WAC CGC "CherryBomb", a senior Doberman who has earned her retirement!

  • Katwalk Calm Like a Bomb UDX2 PUDT OM4 BN GN RE HT TKP CD-C CGC JHD-s "Chill", a 10 year old Border Collie. Chill has placed in Novice at the All Star Tournament, placed in Open twice at the AKC Obedience Classic, and has competed in the National Obedience Championship. Chill is currently working on his started herding titles, is almost halfway to his RACH, and has 50 OTCH points and all of his wins.

  • Bowie's Atomic Bomb NW1 TKI "Gadget"- an almost 9 year old rescue pit mix, Gadget is retired from most dog sports due to orthopedic issues but is a phenomenal dog in scent sports.

  • Supercharged RN HSAs TKN "Blast" - a 3 year old Border Collie who is just starting his obedience and herding career!

  • Holiday von Moeller hof "Groove", a 16 month old Doberman who is learning the foundations of obedience and mondioring.

Kim is preparing to trial Blast and Chill for their OB/OBJ, and hopes that Groove will be ready for her Brevet in 2022! In her spare time... Kim has no spare time!

Dr. Rachel Hack, Treasurer

Hack (nickname of preference, she/her) has been training dogs in various sports using positive reinforcement for over 15 years, but always feels there is something new to learn! She has a large number of dogs (number likely to change without notice) that have titles in Rally Obedience, Agility, Trick Dog, Formal Obedience, Barn Hunt, Conformation, and training dogs for Dock Diving. In the last 3 years her focus has become on Mondio and Agility. Her current prospects for Mondio are her 3 year old Malinois, Lyra, and her 1 year old Malinois/ Shepherd mix, Calcifer. Hack has attended multiple seminars learning to be the decoy for Fearless Ring Sport.

Alfredo miranda, Member-at-large and Field Chair

Alfredo (he/him) says:

"Hello my name is Alfredo Miranda! I’m from New Jersey I’ve had dogs my whole life; growing up always done just very basic obedience with pet dogs and rescued dogs. I’m new to Mondioring and I've been doing Dock Diving for about 2 years now in NADD. My dutch shepherd, Trigger, holds a few titles in Dock diving as well. Trigger is 2 years old and we love training as well as learning new things, meeting great people, and making new friends. My goal with all the sports that I involve myself and my dog with is to enjoy our time together and to have fun.

erin hensley, Social media chair

Erin (she/her) is new to Mondioring but was raised among dogs and dog sport. She comes by her love of off breeds honestly as when she was a child, her mother participated in Schutzhund with a Giant Schnauzer. Erin enjoys the creative challenge of handling strong and unusual dogs and looks forward to showing the Ringsport world what a terrier can do.

Carly Korup

Carly (she/her) is from Delaware and new to Mondio. Her 3 year old German shepherd, Lola, is her first sport dog, with titles in agility, barn hunt, fast cat, dock diving, and more. Lola has also done animal acting and is a demonstration dog. This team is currently training for the brevet, and is excited to embark on this new journey together. In their spare time, you’ll either find them playing in the yard, or napping on the couch.

Beth Williams

Beth (she/her) has been training dogs for over 30 years but didn’t start competing until about 10 years ago. She’s had fun putting various obedience titles (AKC, CDSP, Fenzi TEAM, and ASCA), rally titles (AKC AND WCRL), and agility titles (AKC) on her Great Danes over the years. She currently lives with a 7 year old Great Dane/Belgian Malinois cross named Piper (OTCH-C Abbey RD’s Piper VanWilliams CGC CD ACT2 TKP RI VHMA SN-C UDX-C2 VT-C TEAM 6H+ RL3 ARCH CCC2 VBN) and a Belgian Malinois puppy named Fiddler (Fiddler Du Bon Sang). Beth is new to Mondio and is looking forward to learning all that she can about the sport. In her spare time, she likes to travel with her husband and dogs!

Emily Lang

Emily (she/her) brought home her older dog, Arlo the Frenchie (Marauder’s Lullaby CGC), while a senior at Princeton. Raising Arlo while writing a thesis proved to be a fun challenge! She quickly discovered that Arlo wanted to be more than a couch potato - in addition to mondio obedience, Arlo regularly enjoys 5 mile hikes, agility, trick training, obedience, and nose work. Arlo is also entered in his first Fast CAT runs and prepping for his BN! While Arlo was a great introduction to the sport world, Emily soon found herself looking for her first bitey dog. She found what she was looking for in Rave (Helium Sky of Wildrose), a working line Belgian Tervuren that lives up to her call name and loves being the life of the party! In her spare time, Emily enjoys hiking with her dogs, vegan baking, and pretending to be a coffee snob.

Dr. Agnesa redere

While Agnesa (she/her) is new to Mondioring, she is not new to dog training. She enjoys employing her creativity to solve training problems with positive reinforcement. In addition, she has extensive experience as a teacher and has a knack for breaking down complex concepts in ways that anyone can understand. She's currently training her GSD Rémy for a Brevet and her Aussie Laima for OBJ1. In her spare time, you'll find Agnesa and the dogs hitting the trails!