Fearless Ring Sport

New Jersey Mondioring Club



Fearless Ring Sport is a club devoted to the sport of Mondioring and is located in New Jersey. Read on to learn more!

Core values

 Our club members commit to putting in the work to make our trialing dreams reality! We uphold the following core values to ensure our collective success.


Dog sports are well known for often becoming toxic environments for dogs and people. Our club actively opposes toxicity in any form and supports inclusion of all people and all dogs. We pledge to create a safe space for people and dogs, and we look to bridge the gap for excellent training for all.


We recognize that success in the sport of Mondioring is not easy to come by. Participation in our club requires dedication and respect for our dogs, our training partners, and ourselves. We dedicate ourselves to furthering the Mondioring community and building a culture of camaraderie.


Creating a successful club centers on our ability to build and maintain cohesion with each other. We pledge to treat each other as family, to trust and support one another, and to handle disagreements with grace.


We strive for excellence in training and we want to bring our sport forward to enable more people to participate! We believe that doing so requires our collective creativity, imagination, and flexibility.


To see if you might be a good fit, read our club bylaws and commitment to mondioring. Once you have done that, you will submit a 'statement of intent' to our club secretary (an email to info@fearlessringsport.com is an excellent way to do this!)

For more information, read our membership FAQ here