Frequently-asked questions

Below you'll find commonly-asked questions along with answers. If something is unclear and you would like to learn more, please contact us!

1. What is mondioring?

Mondioring (pronounced: mon-dee-oh-ring) is a dog sport bringing together skills in obedience, jumping, and protection work. There are 3 main levels to the sport: level 1, level 2, and level 3. As your team progresses through the levels, the exercises become more challenging. If you don't have a bitey dog, be sure to check out FAQ #3!

The obedience exercises include:

  • heeling: dog moves with you, attentively at your side

  • recall: dog comes when called

  • position changes: dog transitions between sitting, standing and down

  • retrieve: dog brings back a tossed object

  • searching for an object: dog checks a pile of objects and returns the one that you have touched, also known as "little wood"

  • send away: dog runs out ahead of you, then returns when you call

  • absence of handler: dog stays in a down while you are out of sight

  • refusal of food: dog ignores food that is presented to them

The jumping exercises include:

  • palisade: similar to a wall climb, this jump requires your dog to scale up to 2.3 meters

  • hurdle: a shorter jump, requiring your dog to clearly jump over a maximum of 1.2 meters

  • long jump: this might be the shortest jump, but it's the longest, requiring your dog to stay airborne for up to 4 meters

The protection exercises include:

  • face attack: dog bites an approaching decoy (person in bite suit) with accessories (objects used to test the dog's courage and commitment) head on

  • flee attack: dog bites decoy running away

  • search and escort: dog finds decoy hiding on the field, alerts the handler by barking, and prevents 3 escape attempts by the decoy

  • defense of handler: dog and handler are approached by 2 decoys and the dog must only bite the decoy that makes physical contact with the handler

  • object guard: dog is tasked with securing a given object and must withstand 3 attempts by a decoy to steal the object

2. What is the parent organization for mondioring in the united states?

3. Can I still Participate if I don't think protection work is suitable for my dog?

Absolutely! There is a program to title your dog soley based on the obedience and jumping exercises. No biting needed!

4. what breeds of dogs can participate?

All breeds can compete, but currently mixed breeds are only allowed through 2025 (although they are always allowed in the obedience track)!

5. What level of training should my dog have before starting mondioring?

We welcome all dogs, young and old, so long as they are medically cleared for Mondioring training exercises.

Requirements to trial can be found here.

Note that starting in 2025, your dog must have a FCI-recognized pedigree per the Variance Statement presented to USMRA.

6. will i be judged on my abilities as a trainer?

Absolutely not! Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment for people and dogs to learn together. We recognize that our members represent a wide variety of training experiences and we believe that this diversity is an asset enabling us to be innovative in our training!

7. are there restrictions on the tools or style of training that i use?

Not at all! Our goal is to develop dogs that can meet the challenges of Mondioring with confidence. We recognize that there are many ways to achieve this and work with each team individually to determine the best course of action!

8. can i come out to see what you're all about?

We would love to have you! Contact us to set up your visit!

9. do you have any restrictions for membership?

At this time, no! We welcome any and all interested people and dogs!

10. how do i become a member?

We're so excited that you are interested in joining Fearless Ring Sport!

The process of becoming a member is as follows:

  1. You must read and commit to follow our club bylaws and commitment to mondioring. Next, submit a 'statement of intent' to our club secretary (an email to is an excellent way to do this!)

  2. Once your statement is received, you will be invited to join a club day during which you will interact with our club members. You must attend at least two training days (seminars and fundraisers do not count) as an observer.

  3. After the initial two days, you become a trial member with our club for 90 days. You can bring your dog to train with the club, however you will be required to pay a $60 fee for field use ($30 per session, with two sessions typically occurring at a club day). You will need to be sponsored by one of our our members will then need to sponsor you, or suggest that you are an excellent candidate to join our club.

  4. Once you are sponsored and the 90-day trial period is complete, the club members will vote on your acceptance to the club.

  5. You will be notified of the outcome shortly thereafter! We can't wait to see you on the field!