Frequently-asked questions


 Below you'll find commonly-asked questions along with answers. If something is unclear and you would like to learn more, please contact us!

1. What is mondioring?

Mondioring (pronounced: mon-dee-oh-ring) is a dog sport bringing together skills in obedience, jumping, and protection work. There are 3 main levels to the sport: level 1, level 2, and level 3. As your team progresses through the levels, the exercises become more challenging. If you don't have a bitey dog, be sure to check out FAQ #3!

The obedience exercises include:

The jumping exercises include:

The protection exercises include:

2. What is the parent organization for mondioring in the united states?

3. Can I still Participate if I don't think protection work is suitable for my dog?

Absolutely! There is a program to title your dog soley based on the obedience and jumping exercises. No biting needed! 

4. what breeds of dogs can participate?

All breeds can compete, but currently mixed breeds are only allowed through 2025 (although they are always allowed in the obedience track)!

5. What level of training should my dog have before starting mondioring?

We welcome all dogs, young and old, so long as they are medically cleared for Mondioring training exercises. 

Requirements to trial can be found here.

Note that starting in 2025, your dog must have a FCI-recognized pedigree per the Variance Statement presented to USMRA.

6. will i be judged on my abilities as a trainer?

Absolutely not! Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment for people and dogs to learn together. We recognize that our members represent a wide variety of training experiences and we believe that this diversity is an asset enabling us to be innovative in our training!

7. are there restrictions on the tools or style of training that i use?

Not at all! Our goal is to develop dogs that can meet the challenges of Mondioring with confidence. We recognize that there are many ways to achieve this and work with each team individually to determine the best course of action!

8. can i come out to see what you're all about?

We would love to have you! Contact us to set up your visit!

9. do you have any restrictions for membership?

At this time, no! We welcome any and all interested people and dogs! 

10. how do i become a member?

We're so excited that you are interested in joining Fearless Ring Sport!

The process of becoming a member is as follows: