commitment to mondioring

We strive to promote the sport of mondioring to facilitate deep bonds Among people and their dogs

Upon formally joining our club, members agree to uphold the following commitment to Mondioring:

  • We are fearless. At Fearless Ring Sport, we are fearless not just in name but in action. We reach for new heights without concern for failure. We have the strength of our club and the larger Mondio community at our back.

  • All are welcome here. At Fearless Ring Sport, we are committed to fostering a friendly, supportive, and inclusive environment for all handlers and their dogs. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or financial background. We fearlessly welcome all kinds of trainers and all kinds of dogs to join us in the sport of Mondioring!

  • We seek to be innovative. Mondioring is a dynamic and growing sport. Our club looks to position itself on the cutting edge by continuously seeking improvement in communication and clarity, both between dog and handler as well as between team and club. The majority of our members are working with nontraditional breeds, and are excited to use and expand our creativity, flexibility and imagination as we work with them.

  • We are more than a team, we are a family. Mondioring is a difficult sport that takes a village to be successful. Successful collaboration can take place when club members trust one another. As a club, we are reliant on one another to communicate effectively, be transparent in our actions, be kind and thoughtful with our words, and steadfast in our belief in the potential and value of every team. We maintain open minds and do not jump to defensiveness, but remain open to the constructive critiques of others. Likewise, we do not harp on the negatives but focus on actionable steps and positive progress.

  • We are loyal. The loyalty and support of fellow club members is the cornerstone of a successful Mondio club. We are dedicated to the growth of every member, and club training sessions are centered around the development of skills and creative problem solving without judgement or condescension. Every member has something to contribute, regardless of background, training style or level of experience.

  • We are part of the greater Mondioring community. Mondioring is a small community and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other clubs and community members. The pooling of resources and knowledge are essential to the growth of the sport. Further, we believe that it is up to us to nurture and educate the next generation of Mondioring enthusiasts.