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Seminars & MORE


We will be hosting Mahogany Gamble for several seminars through the end of 2022!

Remaining Dates:

  • 11/11 - 11/15

Mahogany is a seasoned Mondioring competitor, a talented training decoy, and an accomplished handler in her own right competing at the MR3 level with her dog Lexie and having just started her Mondio journey with her younger dog Stazja. She recently served as Team Leader for the USA FCI Mondio World Team in Spain and is in the process of becoming a USMRA judge.

At these seminars, Mahogany will cover:

  • Building drive, connection and control

  • Introductory and advanced behaviors required for

    • Obedience

    • Jumps

    • Protection

  • Troubleshooting for mondioring exercises

These seminars are suitable for a variety of skill levels ranging from those new to mondioring through to seasoned competitors. Mahogany has worked with a wide variety of teams and handlers with distinctive training styles and can adjust her style of instruction to meet individuals where they are.


Working spots for adult dogs are $85/day and for puppies are $65/day. Auditing is priced at $45/day. Working spots will be required to pay a travel/field fee of $150, audit spots do not.

E.g., if you are working an adult dog for 4 days, you will pay ($85*4 + $150)=$490.

Register Here.

Location information will be provided upon receipt of registration.

Club Training Days

Our club aims to train at least twice a month, and we often train more than that!

If you would like to come out, please contact us by sending an email to for information regarding location, time, and date.



We were honored and thrilled to host the 2022 USMRA Nationals! After a breather, we will be hosting club trials in the future! Stay tuned!